Provably fair will become the standard, not the exception. Bitcoin casino's will lead the way while the rest will follow.

How Provably Fair Works


So you’re playing blackjack at an online bitcoin casino.  You have a series of great hands, but the dealer keeps winning.  The casino is certified, but this has you wondering, “am i being cheated by the operator?” Without provably fair it really gives you no way to tell.

This is a common thought when playing casino games online. Players may often fear that they’re being cheated and wonder if there is a way besides certifications and claims of fair payouts listed by the casinos that they could use to verify fairness for themselves. It would seem to be easy for an online casino to rig a game or to better their odds at winning without the players’ knowledge. And we all know some operators have allready been caught red handed rigging the games in their favor. 

Online gambling is steadily growing.  By 2020, it is predicted that the online gambling market will near 60 billion US dollars.  With this much money at stake, it is now necessary for players to able to verify fairness themselves, especially when online regulations and certifications may not properly catch up. 


How can players verify if a casino is cheating them?
One way players can know that they have a fair chance at winning is through the use of provably fair.  By using provably fair, you can verify that the cards, rolls, spins, etc.  have not been altered and that you have a fair chance at winning. This allows you to tell if the result of the game was not modified or tampered with in any way.  


What is provably fair?
Provably fair is a tool that uses an algorithm and cryptographic hash to allow players in online casinos to verify each result and to ensure that the casino is not cheating.  It is quickly becoming an industry standard as a way to verify game operator fairness.  Players can use provably fair as a way to check the fairness of the online casino games they are playing themselves. This now puts the power back in the players hand and legit casinos love it because they don't have anything to hide.

Before going on, it is important to understand a few terms. An algorithm can be used in data processing and is a series of actions to be performed by a computer. A cryptograph is a coded message or in this case, a coded set of data. Hashes are strings of characters that are derived from other data. Cryptographic hash can be thought of as similar to a signature for a data or text file.  

Other important things to know:

SHA – 256: a cryptographic hash function.  

This is a commonly used cryptographic hash function.  SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm and it is one of many cryptographic hash functions.  It was designed by the United States National Security Agency.
Example: The word PASSWORD in uppercase passed though the SHA265 function is 0be64ae89ddd24e225434de95d501711339baeee18f009ba9b4369af27d30d60. If you change any of the letters in PASSWORD it will return something completely different. For example PASSW0RD with the o changed to a zero would return the value of edd878f94bafc7a4e96cf4fafbc9e9cf7bf9b846382127a001a3149f654c4d65. This can also be used to verify files have not been modified. Often times you will see a Windows ISO images posted by microsoft along with the hash values so you can check the file integrity.
Seeds: extra data selected by the user that can be applied to the hash that in turn modifies the hash. Similar to a password saltting. This also makes sure pre-determined hashes can't be used to brute force what the deck/roll is.

How does provably fair work:

The server creates a random seed that is secret which is then hashed (transformed into a series of letters and numbers and sent through an algorithm so that it would be too difficult to derive the original data from) and sent to the player. 

The player receives the hash and then adds another random seed that they have chosen to the hash. This is to ensure that the player has control over the secret seed.  Then, the two are combined.  After this, the service operator reveals the original seed and the player can then verify it with the hash. He can then use the sites provided tools or manually verify it himself using SHA256 javascript tools.

Why use provably fair:
Without being physically present to see how the operations of a casino occur, it is still important to have a way to verify fairness.  Because it would be easier to mislead or cheat a player in an online casino, provably fair enables players to verify for themselves that the results have not been altered and that the games have not been rigged.  As online gambling and online casinos continue to evolve and grow, advertised certifications are not enough to properly ensure fairness. While third partys can and do audit casino game code. The casino could just modify the code after the inspection is done, then have it revert back more in favor of the house. 

Players need to have a way to verify for themselves that the results are fair and that they are being paid out fairly. Provably fair enables players to do this for themselves and to test if an online bitcoin casino really lives up to their advertised claims. 

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